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Learning challenges:
I am very interested in kickboxing. In fact, I am always trying to physical exercise, but I have not kept going.
I admire those who love fitness, but I have never found a exercise that I am interested in.
My friend recommended kickboxing to me.
Kickboxing will have different styles according to different pursuits. For example, I only want to enhance my physique, so I will be more inclined to learn some basic courses, usually practicing against sandbags.

My goal is to participate in three kickboxing sessions a week and learn Basic Punches in the first week: Jab, Cross, Hook and Upper cut.

What does it mean to learn something?

Through Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh‘s article, I know that building new knowledge requires the following three processes, encoding, consolidation, and retrieval, and it keeps looping because it acquires new knowledge.

So how do I use this kind of physical exercise like kickboxing, I have the following considerations:
Practice a lot, in order to better understand the kicking position and punches posture, and to reduce the injury. I should practice these Basic Punches and Basic Kicks, and also enhance the memory by memorizing the movements at ordinary times. Because practice and thinking are helpful to establish synaptic Plasticity.

How does digital technology influence society? You?

I think digital technology makes society more convenient and knowledge becomes more accessible.
I will learn kickboxing on the internet because it is easy to get and for free. If I use video to learn to kickboxing, I would like to have detailed analysis. But its also have some problems, when I have a problem, I hope I can get the answer right away, instead of waiting for the teacher to reply for a long time (Because the teacher won’t always online), or google search. Because each person’s physical fitness is different, the teaching progress will be different. If my knee is not good, I need to reduce the squat. This is difficult to personalize in the teaching video.
So I think that digital technology has improved the society and improved education, but it is impossible to teach students in accordance with their aptitude.


Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh:5R Adult Learning Assignment 5: Learning -The Neuroscience and The Neuromyths

Jody Braverman: How to Teach Yourse lf Kickboxing

Know Before You Go: Kickboxing


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