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Post #5

In the fourth week I completed the challenge of going two kick boxing classes. On last week, based on what we learned, I began to think about how to motivate students to learn. In my experience, games are the great tools, but I’m not sure they’re distracting.

I bought a motion sensing kickboxing game, the game has a trainer to teach you every action, I just follow the trainer ‘s action to punch, but my punch must be in accordance with the game rules of the beat, after each exercise, there will be score statistics. Depending on the number of punches, I can get some rewards, such as changing my trainer’s clothes and unlocking more music.

It also bothered me that I paid more attention to the beat of the punches so that I could get points. However, this will cause me to not punch hard enough and not mobilize my lower body to punch.

So I think it’s not effective to learn kickboxing through motion sensing games.

I have read Jessica’s blog, her post #3 is very meaningful to me, she mentioned the “outline”. She thinks that outline can let challenges more consistency, and can be more effective to reach our goals. It inspired me that if I set up an outline in the first week, determine which kickboxing actions to learn each week, and adjust learning method according to the reading of edci335, I think my challenge will be more efficient.

Here’s her blog:

Overall, I learned to those basic movements of kickboxing, and participate in the face to face courses, and also experience learning through games. My physical fitness got better and I did exercises for 6 weeks that I couldn’t imagine it before. I am glad I finished my study challenge. I am very grateful for the course EDCI 335, which gave me the opportunity to try kickboxing and develop into an interest.

Peer Review of Group 9

Group 9 resource:

Your group’s project is very good, which made me understand that there is a difference between crime caused by poverty and crime caused by economic inequality.

The color of the font is very nice, and the color matching is also reflected in the header. The combination of orange and coffee is very beautiful.

There are lots of diagrams to explain and make the content easy to understand.

Here are my suggests:

1. On page 3, line 4 “placing us number 8th in the world “, my first language is not English, so I am not sure the meaning of this sentence.

2. The content of “Income Inequality and Violent among man and women” , do you need to cite your explains for this topic?

3. Maybe you can make the key words bold.

4. Your assignment is to ask students to write two blogs (if I understand correctly), but your platform is on Google docs, maybe you can try to unify the platform? (learning and assignments in the same platform)

5. I might have missed something likes interactive activities. Maybe its on the blog assignments? Maybe you could add more details on”Evaluation.”

6. Perhaps you might consider that let the students to evaluate each other’s work (blogs).

7. Perhaps you might consider that try to add an assignment after each topic to better evaluate the students’ learning.

I hope my feedback is helpful to you!


Qianyun Zhang


This week I finished what I set out to do last week. I went to kickboxing class twice.

But I miscalculated how long I was going to study for the midterm, which had more content than I expected, so I didn’t have time to learn the new kickboxing from video.

The movements I learned through video were no different from those taught in face-to-face classes.

However, there is a big mirror in class, so I can observe my actions and the teacher will correct my mistakes in time.

I feel I can get immediate feedback from face-to-face classes, which gives me confidence in my study.Because when I was learning at home, I didn’t know if I was doing it right.

I thought it might be possible to learn from a medium like video, but it didn’t seem rich, but this “simplest medium” did give me the basics of kickboxing.

About technology and learning.I think technology is a method, but it is a matter of opinion which method teachers use to teach and which method students use.

Of course, for ‘robo tutor’ like Knewton, I think its algorithm is not comprehensive enough. So the ‘black box’ is too rigid. In my opinion, if you want to implement such learning methods, you need an extremely powerful algorithm library, and you need timely feedback from learners to collect problems and give timely feedback.

But now this kind of website if only for making money, did not seriously to expand the algorithm library, so will not have a good learning effect.

My goal for next week was to continue with kickboxing class, I can’t keep up with other people’s physical strength. I was out of breath after just warming up. So I will continue to attend the course and I plan to go there twice next week.

post #3

Personal Learning Challenge:

This week I went on to learn the next video action, the first pose is standing in front of the sandbag, and I also learned the following actions :push kick,roundhouse kick,touch and go kick.

This led me to use the air sandbags I bought last week.

Video is very detailed, with two perspectives of teachers and learners.

The article in “Designing Learning”, I learned about blended Learning, the mix of face-to-face and online education.

So I found a gym has kickboxing class, which offers seven trials lessons, and I visited it over the weekend.

I think it is boring for me to study according to video, and I can only rely on my own willpower.

As mentioned in this week’s article, my plan should be more flexible and not just video.

If I joined a “community” to encourage each other, it would help me learn in the long run.

Besides, face to face learning allows me to get timely guidance from the teacher, so as to avoid injury caused by wrong posture.

My goal this week is to attend two face-to-face kickboxing sessions.

Learning Design Blueprint Group8

Learning Design Blueprint

EDCI 335

Asian Studies / Culture

Group 8

Qianyun Zhang

Yue Hou

Boyin Feng

Xue Wang

  1. A description of your proposed learning resource and rationale for choosing that topic

Our team will introduce and learn about Chinese tea. The book we selected will introduce the history and origin of Chinese tea. In Chinese culture, Chinese tea has been deeply integrated into the culture. The charm of Chinese tea is reflected in Chinese philosophy, religion, art, traditional customs and the influence of Chinese tea. These are mentioned in the textbooks we selected. At the same time, we will introduce the types and medicinal value of Chinese tea. For example, the substances contained in Chinese tea can help people improve their health and stay healthy. Insect tea is a special Chinese tea. It has medicinal and nutritional value.

There are many reasons why we choose Chinese tea. First of all, Chinese tea is an important part of Chinese culture. Many people want to understand Chinese culture, so understanding Chinese tea is not an indispensable part. Chinese tea has an important relationship with Chinese philosophy, religion, art and traditional customs. These will help learners better understand Chinese culture. Second, the types of Chinese tea will help learners understand the types of Chinese tea and improve the knowledge of Chinese tea. Our theme will help people learn more about Chinese tea. Finally, Chinese tea has many health and medicinal values. Chinese tea has many functions and functions that people don’t know. We believe that the culture and role of Chinese tea is very meaningful. Improving the influence of Chinese tea is also one of our purposes. We hope to let more people know about Chinese tea.

2. A concept analysis (400-500 words), including the following:

  1. A concise definition citing at least 2 academic sources

Chinese Tea:

Chinese tea is one of the varieties of tea trees, C. sinensis var. sinensis (Meegahakumbura.M.K. et al., 2018) Chinese tea has a long history. The main types tea of Chinese are black tea, green tea and oolong tea (Cao,H., 2013). Chinese tea has a medicinal effect. They can help people fight antioxidants, fight cancer and fight diabetes.

  1. 1-2 examples of the concept

Example1: There are six kinds of Chinese tea, black tea, green tea, black tea, yellow tea, white tea and oolong tea. And these tea are classified according to processing technology. Green tea is one of the most important types of tea in China. It is a non-fermented tea and the process is simple: fresh leaves, killing, rolling and drying. Because of its non-fermenting properties, green tea retains more natural substances than any other tea leaf and is more beneficial to human health.

“The cardioprotective effect of flavonoids from green tea can be attributed to not only antioxidant, antithrombogenic, and anti-inflammatory properties but also improvement of coronary flow velocity reserve” (Cheng, 2006).

Example2: Similar to green tea is yellow tea. Yellow tea is a kind of tea unique to China with a long history. Mainly in the south. Yellow tea is slightly fermented and processed in a process similar to green tea, except that a “seal turning yellow” step is added before or after the drying process to make it tastier. In the article, “Yellow tea (Camellia sinensis l.), a promising Chinese tea: Processing, chemical constituents and health benefits”, it’s said, “The combined processes of thermochemical reaction and exogenous enzymes make The ingredients of yellow tea change significantly, Resulting in a fresher and mellower taste rich to other teas.” This also shows that yellow tea has high nutritional value (Xu, 2018).

  1. 1-2 non-examples of the concept (mis-conceptions)

Many people think that tea polyphenols have more mature teas than immature tea leaves.

“The immunostimulating activity of TPS depends on the content of total catechins in the leaf extract and the activity of TPS from immature tea leaves was higher than that of TPS from mature tea leaves [10].”(Cao, 2013)

  1. 1-3 essential features of the concept (these are features which, if absent, would make the phenomenon a non-example e.g. a triangle must have three sides)

Essential features of the Chinese tea: Chinese tea is made from the leaves of the tea tree called camellia sinensis. According to the production process and varieties of tea trees, Chinese tea is divided into five categories: white tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea and post-fermented tea (Wikipedia).

  1. 1-3 accidental features of the concept (these are features, which may or may not be present in the phenomenon e.g. a triangle must have three sides of equal length)

Accidental features of the Chinese tea: other plants or insects are processed with tea leaves, and the tea leaves absorb their aroma and become scented tea. For example, insect tea is made from the faeces of edible tea worms and then fried together with tea leaves (Xu, L et al., 2013).

The tea we are talking about is non-herbal tea. The tea that can be soaked directly from the fruit or flowers is herbal tea, but not from Camellia Sinensis.

3. 2-4 learning outcomes related to your concept

Learners will be able to develop their knowledge of Chinese tea specifically and clearly.

After participating in our project, they will be able to…

  • Identify meaning, history, and origin of Chinese tea directly.
  • List and explain different types of Chinese tea and their medicinal and nutritional value respectively.
  • Analyze how Chinese tea is related to and can be reflected to Chinese traditions, cultures, religions, and philosophy specifically.
  • Evaluate the importance and influence of Chinese tea in Chinese cultures clearly.

4. A list of sub-topics that form a progression through your lesson

  • The Origins of Tea
  • Tea Culture in Dynastic China
  • Brewing and Tasting
  • Tea in Philosophy and Religion
  • Teahouse Culuture
  • Tea and Chinese Art
  • Folk Traditions and Marriage Customs
  • The Art of the Tea Ceremony
  • Tea in China’s Hinterland
  • Imperial Tea Culture
  • The Global Appeal of Chinese Tea
  • Insect Tea

5. A list of resources that your learners will need to access

No textbook is required

Scholarly Resources:

Xu, L., Pan, H., Lei, Q., Xiao, W., Xiao, P., & Peng, Y. (2013). Insect tea, a wonderful work in the chinese tea culture. Food Research International, 53(2), 629-635. doi:10.1016/j.foodres.2013.01.005

Sigley, G. (2015). Tea and China’s rise: Tea, nationalism and culture in the 21st century.International Communication of Chinese Culture, 2(3), 319-341. doi:10.1007/s40636-015-0037-7

“Grey literature”:

Six Types of Chinese Tea. Retrieved from:

The Culture Heritage of China. Retrieved from:

Technology tools:

We will provide several relevant blog posts by using WordPress in order to make learners have a direct and clear learning. The guided video about using this blog will also be shown. Some learning activities or assessment will also be provided to learners so that they can assess themselves and improve their learning directly, such as short quizzes and discussion questions.


Cao, H. (2013, 11). Polysaccharides from Chinese tea: Recent advance on bioactivity and function. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 62, 76-79. doi:10.1016/j.ijbiomac.2013.08.033

Cheng, T. O. (2006, 04). All teas are not created equal. International Journal of Cardiology, 108(3), 301-308. doi:10.1016/j.ijcard.2005.05.038

Chinese tea. (2019, May 10). Retrieved from

Meegahakumbura, M. K., Wambulwa, M. C., Li, M., Thapa, K. K., Sun, Y., Möller, M., Gao, L. (2018, 01). Domestication Origin and Breeding History of the Tea Plant (Camellia sinensis) in China and India Based on Nuclear Microsatellites and cpDNA Sequence Data. Frontiers in Plant Science, 8. doi:10.3389/fpls.2017.02270

Xu, J., Wang, M., Zhao, J., Wang, Y., Tang, Q., & Khan, I. A. (2018, 05). Yellow tea ( Camellia sinensis L . ), a promising Chinese tea: Processing, chemical constituents and health benefits. Food Research International, 107, 567-577. doi:10.1016/j.foodres.2018.01.063

Xu, L., Pan, H., Lei, Q., Xiao, W., Peng, Y., & Xiao, P. (2013, 10). Insect tea, a wonderful work in the Chinese tea culture. Food Research International, 53(2), 629-635. doi:10.1016/j.foodres.2013.01.005

Post #2

Personal Learning Challenge Week 2:

First of all, I have to say that kickboxing is really very interesting. In fact, I have learned yoga, but I always feel that yoga is very boring and can’t mobilize my enthusiasm. Kickboxing made me very excited, I think I can stick to the sport. 

In the first week I found a kickboxing basic video on YouTube, the coach explained very detailed. How to use hand wrap and basic stance and hands to keep at the side. Left jab, right cross points, punching is not just the strength of the arm, but from the foot to force. And after the coach demonstration, there are guidance for the students, and pointed out common mistakes.

I studied left jab and right cross. And I also bought an inflatable sandbag.

I think that based on video learning, although it lacks interactivity, it can give me a basic understanding of kickboxing.
I think learning kickboxing is similar to Apprenticeship, learning by doing, which is learned through coaching and action decomposition.

Because online learning of sports may be different from other skills. I mean simply learning a exercise. So there is no need for after-school exercises, multiple-choice questions. But I still think about it if I want to Kickboxing moves to online education and needs to consider interactivity and motivation.

Regarding interactivity, I think the course must have online collaborative learning. When the students have misunderstood, they can correct it immediately.
Regarding the incentives, in fact, I did not see much relevant content in CH3&4, or mainly the construction of the curriculum, but I think that if there is no corresponding incentive mechanism, then the students are likely to quit halfway.

The video about Backwards Bicycle is very interesting, but I have a question, such as when you need to turn left, we will accustomed tilt to the left, but Backwards Bicycle requires people to tilt to the right that contrary to their own habits. I think if people learn Backwards Bicycle when they was young, they also will spend more time on backwards bicycle than normal bicycle.

Post #1

Learning challenges:
I am very interested in kickboxing. In fact, I am always trying to physical exercise, but I have not kept going.
I admire those who love fitness, but I have never found a exercise that I am interested in.
My friend recommended kickboxing to me.
Kickboxing will have different styles according to different pursuits. For example, I only want to enhance my physique, so I will be more inclined to learn some basic courses, usually practicing against sandbags.

My goal is to participate in three kickboxing sessions a week and learn Basic Punches in the first week: Jab, Cross, Hook and Upper cut.

What does it mean to learn something?

Through Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh‘s article, I know that building new knowledge requires the following three processes, encoding, consolidation, and retrieval, and it keeps looping because it acquires new knowledge.

So how do I use this kind of physical exercise like kickboxing, I have the following considerations:
Practice a lot, in order to better understand the kicking position and punches posture, and to reduce the injury. I should practice these Basic Punches and Basic Kicks, and also enhance the memory by memorizing the movements at ordinary times. Because practice and thinking are helpful to establish synaptic Plasticity.

How does digital technology influence society? You?

I think digital technology makes society more convenient and knowledge becomes more accessible.
I will learn kickboxing on the internet because it is easy to get and for free. If I use video to learn to kickboxing, I would like to have detailed analysis. But its also have some problems, when I have a problem, I hope I can get the answer right away, instead of waiting for the teacher to reply for a long time (Because the teacher won’t always online), or google search. Because each person’s physical fitness is different, the teaching progress will be different. If my knee is not good, I need to reduce the squat. This is difficult to personalize in the teaching video.
So I think that digital technology has improved the society and improved education, but it is impossible to teach students in accordance with their aptitude.


Clarissa Sorensen-Unruh:5R Adult Learning Assignment 5: Learning -The Neuroscience and The Neuromyths

Jody Braverman: How to Teach Yourse lf Kickboxing

Know Before You Go: Kickboxing

Self Introduction


I am Yana Zhang, I am a fourth-year economics student. This is my second time studying EDCI course. I have studied EDCI339 before, which is a very interesting lesson.
I am from Qingdao, China, a beautiful coastal city. I have studied preschool education and have been internship in kindergarten for half a year. It is an invaluable experience. Because you need to enrich your knowledge and turn it into something that makes children feel interesting and easy to understand. Since then, I have been very interested in education.

My favourite learning experience:

I used to study on the MOOC (Massive open online course) website.

At that time, I learned the basic content of accounting, and many of the rigid content in books became vivid because of animation.

The lecture video was very interesting. They teach through video editing and animation, that making learning no longer boring.

There is no limit to online learning, as long as you have a mobile phone or computer with Internet access.

I highly recommend expanding your knowledge on MOOC. If you finish the exam, you will get a certificate.